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MJ Cousins

About MJ Cousins

Licensed Wedding Officiant, Funeral Officiant Graduate 2021, Elementary Teacher Full Time for 37 years plus currently a Supply, Teacher-experience in all grades K to 8 but primarily in kindergarten and Special Education, Love of writing – wedding ceremonies, children’s poems, Long time volunteer in community.



Twenty five original Christmas poems written for children filled with inspiration to teach the true meaning of Christmas which is giving, sharing and helping. Poems are humorous yet thought provoking to warm the heart of all who read them. Wonderful read alouds to embrace the spirit of the Christmas season – a collection that can be read and reread every year.


A mysterious dense fog engulfs the little town of No Sense Ville putting most of the residents into a deep slumber. It is as if the “Twilight Zone” has entered where the unexpected can happen. While danger lurks in the town as never seen before, students Richie and Judie are faced with numerous challenges to save not just lives but salamanders that have grown to an unimaginable size. They come to realize the “Dog of Wishes “ is their answer.


A mysterious dog from no where arrives in No Sense Ville performing heroic deeds. Capturing the love of the residents of No Sense Ville, all wonder where did this dog came from who has an uncanny sense to know when and where danger lurks.

The story leaves the reader also pondering about this same question and the wish to someday meet or know such a wonderful dog.


This  book is the 1st of a series  called No Sense Stories . The plots are as the title indicates- they make no sense- but hopefully will make you smile, laugh and love the people, dogs, and bats  that you read about in No Sense Ville!
This book can be enjoyed by adults and children. It is written for children in early grades learning to read and wanting to read a chapter book but makes a great read aloud to share. Nonsense plot will hold interest in children who are reluctant readers as well as the children who love to read.
No Sense Ville has a No Sense School that no one attends! The kids of No Sense Ville don’t even realize that No Sense School is a place to learn until a boy,  Canny,  decides he wants to attend. You will have to read it yourself to find out why the school shuts down and how bats play an important part in the story of No Sense Ville and No Sense School.


This is the first book of the series, No Sense Poems ( for ages 3 to 6 ) written with the knowledge that many young children need to be moving and involved during read “alouds”. This book is hopefully a resource that will benefit early educators and parents looking for fun and interactive poems to enjoy with little ones. This book has thirty original poems – fun and entertaining – most of the poems involve children taking part in actions.

QUIET I CAN BE (sample of one action poem )

(Action poem)
(Dedicated to all who can be as quiet as a mouse)
I can growl like a tiger (growl)
I can roar like a lion (roar)
I can hiss like a snake (hiss)
But quiet I can be
With a ‘Sh’ sound I make (Sh…)


This is the second book of children ‘s poems in the series, No Sense Poems ( for ages 6 to 9 ). Poems are meant to entertain and bring laughter to children. Best read aloud by a loved one or a teacher to a class. Short and funny with silly sounds and endings. A lot of children‘s books today are on one subject ( or one story line ). This book contains thirty separate rhyming poems ( story poems, nonsense poems with silly sounds, and “action “ poems for children to move to).

A SONG, A MOUSE, AND A CAT (sample of one story poem)

(Dedicated to all who love to sing but can’t carry a tune)
I love to sing songs at the top of my voice
However, my voice is not one of choice
Even my dog will cover his ears
And look for a corner to disappear


BOOK TWO and a HALF ( not really half a book!  )

This is the third book in the series No Sense Poems and you don’t have to read books 1 or 2 to enjoy this one. Original Children’s Poetry-story poems, silly poems and thought provoking poems. Poems contain topics such as over coming bullying, being a good friend, and helping others. Each of the thirty poems is unique, has it own character (s), lots of humour, and always a happy ending. Poems will definitely bring laughter and joy.

‘NO MORE’ SCHOOL ( a favourite poem from this book)

(Dedicated to all who love school)
There once was a school named ‘No More’
It was originally called ‘Noah Moore ’
But certain letters fell off the school signs
And the school got the nickname over time


Thirty Original Poems & Prose for Your Wedding Day

A Collection of Poems & Prose written for today’s Wedding Couples looking to add special, memorable and personalized meaning to their ceremony. The poems and prose provided are unique and personal, meant to inspire and convey the love of the couple as they unite as one and start a new path in life.

A Love So Rare ( sample of one love/wedding poem)

(Dedicated to the love of your life)
Like the ‘blue moon’ that graces the sky
Or a ‘shooting star’ in the night
So is our love, my dear, it is rare to love so right
Like the ‘white peacocks’ that strut the earth
Or the ‘golden tiger’ that hunts and creeps
So is our love, my sweetest, it is rare to love so deep
Like the ‘Blue Topaz’ that occurs in nature
Or the ‘Burma Ruby’ so red and pure
So is our love, my darling, it is rare to love and endure


Thirty Original Poems to Celebrate Life & Say Goodbye

This book is meant to ease the pain of loss through death. All free verse poems are original with the purpose of trying to help those who have lost a loved one say goodbye, celebrate their life and move forward with their own lives.

MY MESSAGE TO YOU (sample of one poem to say goodbye)

“Thanks for giving to all who you knew”

If there is one message to write in the sky
It would be to give thanks having known you
Thanks for how you lived on this earth
Thanks for giving to all who you knew

If there was one word to say how I feel
It would be impossible to pick just one
There are too many needed to say
To praise all you have done

If there was one song to sing in your name
It would be written in the form of an ode…


Almost everything about No Sense Ville is "pretty little"! However, they are fortunate enough to enjoy "big favors"—the protection of extraordinary dogs at various phases of their existence and civilization. The first dog, named Nosy, appeared at the earliest time of their settlement in No Sense Ville, and his statue erected at the center of the town has become not only a show of gratitude but a source of blessing. Many years later, a second dog named Nosy 2 showed up and continued the humanitarian services.

An encounter between a group of children and a strange visitor at the town's coffee shop has raised some questions and concerns. Divergent opinions ensue. A series of incidents like the heavy downpour and lightning, the fire outbreak at Mrs. Jack's home, and the rescue of a young girl named Sage from drowning only added to the already tense situation and fueled the long attempts to unravel the identities and possible connections between Nosy and Nosy 2.

More No Sense Stories: A Chapter Book is the second installment in the "No Sense Stories" series authored by M.J. Cousins. The first remarkable artistry I noted in this story was the author's intentional word choices, which I thought aimed to highlight certain points or create certain effects in the readers. For example, Cousins' use of "pretty little" to qualify No Sense Ville, its river, fountain, park, and even garbage can, not only analyzed its level of civilization but also explained how much they needed help.

I found Cousins' style of narration interesting; she just had a magical way of drawing readers into the storyline and sustaining the "spell." The suspense created at the end of each chapter was particularly remarkable; I couldn't wait to turn the next page. The author's tone and introduction of what I would call a "domestic break"—during which we listen to her conversation with her dog, Bitsy—not only created a certain level of familiarity but also offered me the opportunity to experience Bitsy's reaction to each unfolding incident.

The character development was realistic; Solomon and Sage, for example, dramatized different temperaments, and the good thing is that children will learn a couple of lessons from the way things turned out between these two, as well as from other characters like Mr. Wyse, Postie, and Rose. The only thing I disliked in this book was the way the controversy surrounding the missing statue was resolved. It was so ordinary and somewhat unrealistic, and it didn't tally with the amount of tension and suspense generated before such a revelation.

Nevertheless, I am excited to rate this book five out of five stars. This is due to the captivating narration, appropriate word choices, exceptional editing (given that there were no grammatical errors in the book), and intriguing narration of a people's civilization and survival. The issue I pointed out above was not serious enough to warrant my removing any stars from the rating. I recommend this book to readers between four and nine years old and hope they have a memorable read just as I did.

Maduabuchi EzeReview of More No Sense Stories

Do you have a young reader who adores silly phrases and giggle-inducing poetry? If so, No Sense Poems Book Two and a Half by M.J. Cousins will appeal to your rhyming enthusiast. The book contains original poems addressing a variety of topics. Aside from the quirky nature, the writing boasts valuable lessons and teaching opportunities for kids. Overcoming bullying, expanding young vocabularies, cleaning up after a new puppy, and so much more!

In this charming book of poems, children (and parents!) reap the benefits of M.J. Cousins' effervescent imagination. The author is obviously an animal lover, as many poems contain a furry friend as the protagonist, including a flying dragon and a studious cat. Anyone with kids knows youngsters are drawn to cuddly pets, and I enjoyed how the animals taught kids about emotions, responsibility, and what it means to be a good friend. One of my favorite examples of this was the compassionate approach the child in the poem took when the baby dragon wallowed in sadness.

The poems were flawless and engaging, but my only dislike about the book was the lack of illustrations. The absence of colorful pictures was disappointing and didn't reflect the cover, which was bright and inviting. Of course, a picture on every page isn't necessary, but I was hoping for at least a few that would break up the monotony of continuous text.

The book was exceptionally edited with no spelling or grammatical errors, and I have chosen to give it a rating of four out of five stars I deducted a star due to the lack of illustrations A visual of the characters could increase child engagement, especially for those with shorter attention spans. That being said, the poems are lovely-full of imagination and child-appropriate topics that will spark further conversations. I admire the author for her creativity and fun-loving approach to writing for children.

Stephanie ElizabethNO SENSE POEMS BOOK TWO and a HALF ( not really half a book! ? )

"No Sense Poems," a children's book by M. J. Cousins, is written in a very humorous style. Here are poems with a funny rhyming- scheme about those who can't sit still; can be quiet like a mouse; like to keep moving...We also find poems dedicated to various persons; all quite suitable for a child of any age.
The book is very entertaining with humorous lines and a very funny language that can bring a laughter of two to any child.

ReaderNo Sense Poems

Fun and entertaining!
Reviewed in the United States on February 16, 2023
Verified Purchase
Fun and entertaining book. Age appropriate, refreshing, and a good teaching tool. A teacher and an author. A perfect combo.
Love the "Do you chores chief". After all , as the author says it is -an ugly beast with bright yellow teeth, his hair was blue, and his ears were green, He truly was a scary sight to be seen. That would make anyone want to do their chores!
And how about "You Belong" but somehow the speaker and her magical horse end up in the land of -you don't belong. The author works great with inclusion of everyone in the summary. They do belong.
That's just two poems, there are twenty eight more to enjoy and share. Recommend for parents, grandparents and makes a good tool for those in the classroom

ReaderNo Sense Poems Book Two

I can certainly tell this author loves weddings and loves love even more. These are such sweet poems to help couples celebrate their love and launch their married life together. I appreciate how each poem is dedicated to different kinds of people and to the varied places they may be along their journey as a couple. My favorite is #5, “A Lesson Learned”—wise words from special beings who have been together a long while.

ReaderForevermore New Horizons ( Thirty Original Poems & Prose for Your Wedding Day)

Nice poems for children that put a smile on their faces, for all ages that’s great, I really enjoyed them, very lovely and funny! I would recommend this for schools teachers to made children laugh and at home with the family very nice and entertaining!

ReaderNo Sense Poems Book Two and a Half

These poems evoke what is in our hearts. The words are already words that are with us already.

ReaderForevermore New Horizons Book Two ( Thirty Original Poems to Celebrate Life & Say Goodbye)



Mysterious Dog

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A mysterious dog from no where arrives in No Sense Ville performing heroic deeds. Capturing the love of the residents of No Sense Ville, all wonder where did this dog…


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